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Daimler Sovereign Two Door Saloon 4.2 Auto


Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Auto 2 door saloon – Squadron Blue (265) – 1978 – 116,000 miles – 2 keepers – stamped Passport to Service – extensive history file – full MOT


This is an exceptionally well looked after and surprisingly well used, low owner example of the Daimler 4.2 Coupe.  The original Passport to Service confirms that this car was first registered to a gentleman on the Isle of Man, where it appears to have remained until its return to the mainland in Wiltshire in 1983.  There are plenty of MOT certificates and upkeep invoices for this period until its further private sale in 2008 when once again the new owner took the vehicle out of the country and registered it in France. Conscientiously maintained with paperwork to prove it, the car was again sold in 2014 to the current owner who has officially repatriated it and which is now available with V5, a thick pile of invoices, MOTs and all the previous and very interesting history.

The number of invoices referring to general maintenance and specialist restoration services number in the hundreds.  This vehicle comes with one of the most comprehensive history files we have ever seen and the condition reflects this – rather than the round the clock mileage showing on the odometer.  It is almost inconceivable that a car that has travelled this distance can present and perform as this one does.

There was some significant bodywork and paintwork done in 1999 and the quality of this is clear to see as the car is straight, clean and beautifully finished in correct period Squadron Blue.  There is a tiny area of surface rust on the “A” post where it meets the scuttle panel andSold an equally small area on the driver’s side “C” pillar at the edge of the chrome trim.  On the ramp, the underside is solid, clean and well finished, there are perhaps two small areas that have had some professional welding, but there are no signs damage, rust or rot.  The attention it has had throughout its life show that the suspension, brakes and steering have all been maintained regardless of cost and are in perfect working order.

There is an invoice for new front seat covers which have been supplied by Aldridge Trimming.  Fitted professionally and having the brand new edge taken off with the very light use, the interior presents in excellent and as original patina.

Being prepared for sale, this Coupe has now undergone a total inspection at Miles Classic and has had a full service with all fluids drained and replaced, fuel system check and recommission.  The front and rear lights, brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust, all bushes, bearings, ball joints and mounts have been examined and replaced or adjusted as required.  The interior electrics, warning lights and window operations have been tested, lubricated and reconditioned as necessary.   Attention to the bodywork has been restricted to a full professional buff, chrome detailing and wax.  As a package this Coupe can only be described as excellent.

This car is certainly proof of what many in the classic car community think, and that is that a car often used is better than one brought out only on high days and holidays. So given the history and aesthetics on BWS, it is not that much of a surprise that the car drives like a dream. The AED operates correctly and from cold it only needs a quick turn of the key before settling in to an even idle.  Once warm the smooth revs drop to a perfect 600rpm and a light snick into drive has you moving effortlessly away from standstill.  Imperceptible gear changes are matched by a strong performing XK engine and all forms of modern traffic and road conditions are taken in its stride.  At motorway speeds, the car is surefooted, relaxed and particularly quiet… for a Coupe.  There is some “A” post wind noise but it is not intrusive.  All in all, driving this Daimler two door is a most enjoyable experience and one that could easily see you covering even more big miles with pleasure and confidence.

It is very rare to find a Daimler or Jaguar XJ Coupe variant in this condition without it having gone through a very expensive restoration.  Honest, solid, clean and straight, this reliable and eminently useable car is the perfect proposition for someone who is looking to get into a classic XJ Coupe that can be bought and kept without the need for future big expenditure.  How many XJCs for sale can you say that about?