Driving Reliability

At Miles Classic we understand that the purchase of a classic car, as well as being a sensible investment, is about fun; a focus around which to enjoy some of your precious leisure time.  Of course, it’s no fun sitting at the side of the road waiting for a recovery truck, so at Miles Classic we go that little bit further to ensure that every car we sell is fully serviced, drives beautifully and is totally reliable.

Committed to ensuring our promise of reliability, every car that we sell, not just those undergoing restoration, benefits from the Miles Classic factory plus schedule service as well as extensive road testing prior to being offered for sale.

Factory Plus Service

Drain and replace oil and fit new filter
Drain and replace coolant
Fit new air filter
Fit new fuel filter
Auto choke service
Carburettor service and balance
Fit electronic ignition system

Fit new coil
Fit new HT leads
Fit new set of spark plugs
Fit new front dampers
Fit new rear dampers and springs
Brakes serviced as required

All the above is carried out in addition to the regular factory schedule service where items from bodywork, hinges, handles, windscreen wipers, lights and tyres are checked, cleaned, refilled and lubricated as advised.

Road test

There is no short cut to reliability when it comes to classic cars.  The only way to guarantee every car we sell drives as it should, is totally reliable and can be trusted to provide the trouble free motoring we are building our reputation on, is to use them.  That is why, before we offer any car for sale, we tax, test, insure and run it as our own personal classic for as long as is needed to iron out all the niggles, problems, leaks or issues.  Only when we are certain that the car is not going to let you down will we offer it for sale.

However long it takes, we give each car the time it needs to become the best it can be.  We drive them, we use them, we wash them we polish them, we are classic car enthusiasts and we only sell cars that we would be happy to own and confident to use.

Going that little bit further to ensure driving reliability we always deliver beautiful classic cars with peace of mind built in.


In support of our commitment to reliability, every car we sell comes with a used vehicle warranty for 3 months or 3000 miles whichever comes first.  Operated, controlled and funded directly by ourselves, we have a clear incentive to ensure our cars are in first class condition, and should anything go wrong, we will work directly with the customer to put things right.

The warranty covers parts and labour for significant faults to engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension, steering, brakes and major electrics excluding normal wear and tear items.

A copy of our full used car warranty is available on request.

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