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Jaguar XJ4.2C Auto


Greensand (252) – 1978 – 81,000 miles – 5 owners – no service – no history

Stored in a dry garage for well over 15 years, this Coupe defies the law of a neglected 70s Jaguars by being found in very solid condition.   It surprised us I can tell you.  looking totally of its time in Greensand the body and paintwork is actually pretty good.  A close inspection of the sills, closing panels, wheel arches, front and rear valance and I am tempted to say it could even go again as it is.  The glass is good, the interior is tired but it would be unfair to describe it as tatty.

Without any work at all, we tried to start the car but had no fuel delivery.  We fitted a new fuel pump and at the same time removed the, what looked and smelled like Yacht varnish, from the tank and tried again.   A quick de-varnish of the carbs and the car started.  Oil pressure went up to 70 immediately – we removed the expansion tank cap and found it full and with anti-freeze. I have driven the car around the yard and I think it will make an excellent starting point for a restoration.